1. MEDIA-FX 1993-1996
A company involved in making computer animations, graphics and cable advertising. I was an early entrant in this field. During those years the animation work being done was restricted to titles and company logos but we did some good animation projects.

A company involved in making television software production and post-production. We were interested in making programmes which would be mostly non-fiction programmes and would be suitable as the name of the company says – EDUTAINMENT, educating through entertainment. Hence, I did research work for the programmes my company would produce. Afew of them are listed below --
a. KIMTI BAATEIN- A health show which promotes alternative medicines, yoga , diet and physical execises.
b. HAQUE – A discussion and dramatic interpretation of laws of India.
c. GRUHINI – A talk show dealing on daily household problems and kitchen remedies.
d. YATRA – A travelogue on the religious places of India.
e. AAPKA PAISA – A weekly show on the stock market and investment guidance.
f. INKE PEECHE – A show which will bring into limelight the people involved behind the celebrities from all professions.

Meanwhile, I did make some programmes like -
ANIMATOR PRO – A tutorial for learning 2D animation
MIDNAPORE SHOW – A curtain raiser for LAXMIKANT PYARELAL musical nite in Midnapore, West Bengal and a few cable advertisements.